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Jan 8, 2010 11:00pm EST
, there could seen knew be a new twist to the medicare drug problem and who better to do it than chubby checker. he unveiled a new campaign promoting a program. under the new law, 1 million low income seniors could be eligible for close to $4,000 in prescription drug assistance. . >>> well, the bitter cold gripping much of the nation will continue through the weekend. the roads will remain treacherous. meantime, amtrak was forced to cancel train service between chicago and denver because of blowing and drifting snow. here's more. >> reporter: the morning commute turned into mayhem in atlanta after ice covered roads cause add 27-vehicle pile-up. georgia authorities were at the scene of another accident when a car careened out of control. >> the deputy and the police officer to avoid a vehicle coming at him both jumped off this bridge. >> reporter: much of the nation was bundling up or digging out after a massive winter storm caused blizzards, blistering windchills, and white outs. roads were rendered impossible thanks to traech russ mix of ice and snow. this suv was wrecked but his wife is fine.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1